27TH Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show
November 8, 2022

Food packaging solutions

CS team experience in extrusion machines and circular loom for rigid packaging and woven bag industry. Provide and customize whole plant project and machine parts to meet customers’ need. CS team plays the role of machine manufacturing, and machine trading. Customers related to pressure forming and thermoforming these days invest more value into green food packaging. Never the last, HACCP and UL certification is the basic acknowledgement for CS, and the team is applying to be part of ESG and GRS member. Inbuilt team of automation control in CS has optimized software and hardware, and continuous innovation in relation to Industrial 4.0. The advantages are saving energy and space, also reduces the cost and increases the utilization rate. The ultimate automation is a wild goal that CS team willing to pursue. Apart from the inhouse innovation and development, CS provide serves to assist customers in sheet OEM and food packaging solutions.