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C.S Machinery Co.,Ltd.

CS Machinery has two factories, which are located in Daxi District and Guanyin District, Taoyuan City. The total area is about 9,000 square meters. The Daxi factory mainly produces extruders for sheet materials, and produces about 12 extruders per year. The Guanyin factory mainly manufactures sheet for customers, with a monthly production capacity of about 1,500 tons.

Since 1978 and throughout the years, C.S. group developed and grown with customer support and marketing experience. C.S. staffs and members realized that C.S. logo is much more than machines and it is a team with a group of professions and skilled people for the non-stop changing market and economic environment.

Apart from machine fabrication and innovation, C.S. group provide the service and focus their jobs including following area.

Rigid packaging industry, manufacturing sheet (plate) extrusion line, provide whole plant turnkey project service, plastic sheet OEM, a manufacturer and exporter.

PP/HDPE woven bag (fabric) industry, circular loom manufacturing and whole plant turnkey project service, and a manufacturer and exporter.

Automation and digitalization, modify existing equipment and add on automation hardware and software, digitalize data collecting and operation, a designer and innovator for better equipment efficiency and performance.

Machine parts and after sell service, provide not just own manufacturing parts and service, able to provide parts for different industry and equipment, able to perform after sell service with different manufacturer and industry, installation and commissioning, unique parts OEM, equipment trading and service.

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C.S. Group ---more than just machines.